Our list of satisfied clients includes public schools, private schools, provocual schools, park and
recreation  centers, learning centers, international schools and private students and families.
We have been teaching chess in Northern California for 16 years and have brought chess programs and chess
instruction to many schools and locations.

To date we have provided chess instruction to:

  • 345 elementary schools
  • 48 Middle Schools
  • 33 Learning Centers
  • 84 Private Schools
  • 28 Park and Recreation Centers
  • 11 International Schools
Our founder has been playing chess since he was 4 years old. Learning from his father who passed away when he was 16 he
continued his chess education in memory of his father. Since then he won many school tournaments and clubs tournaments
until he began teaching chess at the age of 18.

Steven started teaching chess under the direction of Chess Expert Riley James Hughes former owner of
"Know Chess".
Steven has also trained and played with some of the best chess players in California and the world that include:

  • Chess Expert Riley Hughes
  • International Master guillermo Rey
  • Chess Master James Eade - writer of "chess for dummies"
  • Chess Master Eric Hicks - "Owner of Academic Chess"
  • Chess Master Eric Schiller - "Author of many chess books"
  • Chess Master Bolong He - "Chinese National Champion awarded the highest honor in China"
  • World Champion and Grandmaster Susan Polgar - "1st women world champion and grandmaster"

When Steven was 20 years old he was voted on the board of Cal Chess (A non-profit organizations that represents the USCF
in Northern California).
He continued to serve on the board until the board was unfortunately plagued by dis honest business
owners of other Bay Area Chess Companies and Individuals who saw profit and personal gain rather then beauty, love and an
overall passion for chess. Steven stepped down a few years later and continued his passion for teaching chess to children.

In 2004 Steven left Know Chess because the direction of the company lacked quality of chess instruction in his opinion. In
2004 our founder moved from the Bay Area to Sacramento and expanded his chess operation to over 30 schools. Steven
returned to the Bay Area in 2008 expanding back to his hometown and former customers. Steven has focused on bringing
chess to as many children as possible - a philosophy he gained from his former mentor Riley Hughes. His leadership and
dedication to chess and bringing affordable and quality instruction has fueled a huge surge in his success. Now teaching in
over 145 locations with over 30 staff members U.S. Chess Mates is an affordable and quality chess program focusing on the
fun and the enjoyment of the game while also producing many local, state and national champions.
U.S. Chess Mates