U.S. Chess Mates
Susan Polgar
U.S. Chess Mates is proud to bring you world chess champion and
grandmaster Susan Polgar. Susan will be giving U.S. Chess Mates
and exclusive day of chess lecture, book and photo signing along
with a meet and greet. We will also be raffling a few chances to
play with her.

After the Susan Polgar event U.S. Chess Mates will offer a free 5
round chess tournament for all ages. Parents and children can all
participate together in this 5 round swiss tournament. We will
have trophies for the top players in the section as well as medals
for the rest of the players.

This will be a great opportunity for your child and family to meet
one of the greatest chess players in the world. A great day to
spend with the family.

First 100 families will receive a free signed copy of one of her
books. We will have photos for signatures as well.
Jan 24, 2015
U.S. Chess Mates January 24 tournament at learning bee has been moved to San
Mateo do to the Susan Polgar event. A meet and greet, lecture from susan and free
tournament in San Mateo at 1pm will be the new event listed for January 24, 2015.
This event is 100% free of charge - all materials provided by U.S. Chess Mates