Thank you for visiting our tournament page. We limit our tournaments to the first
50 players for each tournament. Online registration is preferred but we do
except on site registration. During the tournament parents do not have to stay.
This will allow you to drop your child off with ease and enjoy your day.
that we have a snack bar and beverages available for a small fee.

U.S. Chess Mates offers Weekends chess tournaments in select locations. All
tournaments have different formats. Two of the most popular tournaments we
offer will be a "
Swiss Style" or a "Quad".

Non rates swiss style:
  • players will be broken into groups based on their grade.
  • Each player will play 5 games whether they win or lose.
  • The best score you can achieve is 5 points (winning all games).
  • If your child is not placed with another player then a free win worth 1 point
   will be awarded to them.
  • Clocks will be used for upper grades (game in 30)
  • Each time your child wins, loses or draws they will be paired with others
    with similar scores.
  • Top scores with ties for places 1-4 will compete in a "Blitz chess knockout"
  • Top trophies for students placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th
  • Participation medals will be awarded to the rest of the participants.

  • Players must be registered with the United States Chess Federation.
    Students that would like to participate that are not members of the USCF
    can register with us on site the day of the event.
  • Players will be placed into groups of 4 by closest USCF chess rating.
  • Each student will play 3 games unless a larger or smaller group will play a
    Round Robin.
  • Clocks will be used (game in 30) and all USCF rules apply.
  • Each student will receive aa award - 1st, 2nd trophy 3rd and 4th medals.
March 16. 2019

"USCF Quads" 9:30am
"Swiss Style" 1:00pm

Held at: Oak Ave Church
8790 Oak Ave, Orangevale
CA 95662

Single Tournament $20.00
Both Tournaments $30.00
*Discounts applied for multi
tournament registration.
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